3 Reasons to Be Addicted To Onesies

Onesies pajamas today are very popular among young people and teenagers, there are various models on sale, and you can choose a product for every taste. Onesies pajamas appeared in Japan, it is a comfortable sleepwear and at the same time a costume that depicts an anime hero or a funny animal. Pajamas are made in the form of onesies, has a hood, which is made in the form of a funny little face of some little animals or a cartoon character. There are Onesies pandas, Pokémon, raccoon, hare and other characters. Onesies is used not only as pajamas, but also as a carnival costume.

Advantages of Onesies

The main advantages of Onesies pajamas can be considered:

  • Convenience
  • Universality
  • Bright design.

This onesies is suitable for sports, cycling, and roller skates. Onesies are popular at youth parties, children’s parties.

Manufacturing material

For the manufacture of adult onesies, as a rule, quality materials are used. Summer models are made of cotton, winter onesies are made of fleece, velor. Manufacturers add a certain percentage of synthetics to the fabric to make the product more durable and not deformed after washing.

For the cold season, tight pajamas, which will be warm and cozy, are more suitable; a model made of thin fabric is perfect for a hot summer. Very cozy and pleasant fleece pajamas, the product made from this fabric will serve not one year and even after numerous washings it retains the original color and shape. Onesies are long and short, the length of the sleeves may be different.

Special features

From other pajamas Onesies differs by such features:

  • Hood
  • Fun design

Another feature of Onesies that distinguishes this type of pajamas from others is the use, both for sleeping and for going out to the street, a party. For dress up game and parties some Onesies embedded with chips for special features such as sounds and lights related to the design.

Onesies for children

Onesies for children has a bright design, high quality. In such pajamas it is very comfortable to sleep, even if the child is sleeping restlessly, tossing and turning, throwing off the blanket, he will not freeze in Onesies.


Buying Onesies pajamas it is important not to be mistaken with the size. Pajamas should be comfortable, do not crush, do not hinder movement. It is also important to choose a product from a quality material. The material must have such qualities as hypoallergenicity, wear resistance, comfort. Do not forget to check the quality of the seams, fastening decorative elements.

Onesies pajamas are a popular trend that has appeared in the Chinese fashion relatively recently, but has already become widespread throughout the world. This piece of clothing is a hooded onesies. The latter shows an unusual face of an animal like a fox, squirrel, unicorn, tiger, zebra, dinosaur, cat, panda, donkey or famous cartoon character – Superman, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Pikachu, Hello Kitty and others.

The advantages of such pajamas are obvious.

They consist in the following points:

  1. Original design.
  2. Comfort and convenience during sleep.
  3. Ensuring the maximum level of heat savings.
  4. High quality materials that retain the original quality for a long period.

Models pajamas on the market are in a huge range. There are options with long and short leg. This sleepwear is designed for the cold season. It is especially relevant for poorly heated homes. Products are made from high-quality, durable, warm and pleasant to the body fleece. The latter does not let in the cold, tolerates numerous washings well, and does not hesitate, does not fade or set.

Onesies pajamas are produced for children of different ages as well as for adults. Many families have a tradition of wearing similar costumes by all relatives. You can use them not only for sleep. Often soft and cozy onesies are used as home wear. Creative people boldly put on Onesies at costumed parties. Fans of skiing wear these items of clothing over ski onesies.

This allows you to get a funny and bright image, uplifting others. In some countries (Japan, USA, Canada) Onesies festivals are held. At these events come a huge number of people who prefer to wear unusual onesies. The organizers even hold competitions for the best costumes. In America, there is a tradition of exchanging clothes with little muzzles with hoods. The highlight of the latter is large eyes, giving the animals a naive and cheerful look. In the CIS countries, Onesies pajamas are popular as gifts to relatives and close people. Such a gift gives a lot of positive emotions to both the recipient and the donor. The cost of the product is relatively low.

Such clothing was originally created in Japan, and its name means “growth doll.” And the truth is, a person in a costume of an animated or funny cartoon character looks like a big revived doll. After all, he has not just a onesies, but a complete set, since interesting slippers are produced for such outfits, and the hood depicts a muzzle of a real or fictional animal.

Initially, such a fun kit was not designed for everyday life. It was used during different performances. The costume was worn by artists, animators, or anime fans. However, comfortable pajamas, thanks to their comfort and convenience, quickly won the hearts of the people. And many wanted to buy it at https://kigurumi.co where it’s usually on sale.

Now, not only on the streets of Japan, you can meet young people in Onesies, European fashion lovers of such costumes are not far behind them. They walk the streets, causing smiles to passersby. Fell in love with these warm clothes and lovers of ski holidays. Put them on top on warm onesies. In addition to providing additional protection, they also turn descents into a fairy tale where you can take pictures with an unusual character.

The features of the pajamas

The main features of the onesies are the material from which it is made, and an unusual cut. Short panties and free top allow their owner to move freely, looking like a funny character. From materials for tailoring, fleece and velsoft are popular, along with other soft materials that absorb moisture well. But do not moisten the Onesies specifically, as it will dry for a long time.

These soft, comfortable clothes can be used as pajamas, as it will not cause discomfort. The free cut allows you to sleep peacefully, clothes will not hamper movement. In the warmth and comfort you can sleep well and be ready for a new day and new challenges.

In the cold season, Onesies is used as home clothing. You can order a onesies with the image of your favorite character and please your loved ones, creating a great mood. If a pajama party is to be held, then there is simply no better attire.