20 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

We at Sew South Retreat have been busy looking for the best tips and tricks to simplify and improve your everyday life. Here’s an awesome list of 20 life hacks that will teach you how to quickly dry your clothes, make your shoes waterproof, amplify your phone’s speakers, and much more!

1. Grow roses from cuttings

Here’s a great tip for growing roses from cuttings. Before planting, push the bottom ends of the cuttings into small potatoes. Moisture and nutrients in the potatoes will allow the cuttings to develop healthy roots.

2. Waterproof shoes

To turn your canvas shoes into waterproof ones, you need nothing but beeswax and a blow dryer. Spread beeswax all over your shoes. Next, use the blow dryer to melt the beeswax until you can no longer see it. Voila! Your waterproof shoes are ready!

3. Dry your clothes faster

If you don’t have a dryer and need to dry your clothes quickly, here’s what you can do. Place your wet clothing on a dry towel. Roll the towel with the garment inside. Pick it up, and twist it as tightly as possible to squeeze out the excess water. After you’ve drained the excess water, hang your garment on a hanger to fully dry.

4. Smelly shoes

If you have bad-smelling shoes, place a few dry tea bags inside each shoe to absorb the smell. If your shoes are not just smelly but also wet, fill them with a mixture of rice and baking soda and leave for a few days.

5. Tight shoes

If your new shoes feel too tight, here’s a way to stretch them. Stuff each shoe with wet newspaper as tightly as you can. Let the shoes dry, and then remove the newspaper.

6. Start a fire

Chips are not just a tasty snack. Fat, oil, and the chemicals in potato (or other) chips make them a perfect fire-starting material.

7. Find small lost items

Use your vacuum cleaner to find tiny items you’ve lost, such as earrings. Just cover the end of a vacuum cleaner with a stocking or pantyhose, and start your search. Check from time to time to see if the object you are looking for is already there.

8. Time-marked water bottle

Here’s a great way to keep track of your daily water intake. Draw lines on your water bottle with a marker pen, and then write the time beside the marked level. The marking will serve as a visual reminder for you to drink water, and it will help you achieve your daily water intake requirement.

9. Remove toilet bowl stains

Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl, and let it sit overnight. Then wash it with soapy water, and flush clean.

10. Unclog drains easily

Run hot water down the drain for a minute, and then sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda down the drain. Slowly pour 1 cup of vinegar down the drain. Flush one more time with hot or boiling water.

11. Clean the shower head

To clean your shower head or bathroom faucets, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and secure it to the shower head with a rubber band. Allow it to soak in the vinegar overnight, and remove the bag. It will be as good as new!

12. Keep buttons from falling off

To keep your buttons in place, simply paint a bit of clear nail polish over the threads.

13. Body odor

If you forgot to put on deodorant and you don’t want to smell like you’ve been at the gym, cut a fresh lemon or orange into two halves and just rub it onto your skin. The body odor will disappear.

14. Amplify your phone’s speakers

Put your phone into a drinking glass or a bowl to boost the volume of its speakers.

15. Make ice last longer in a cooler

When you go to the beach and take your cooler with you, sprinkle salt on the ice so that it stays frozen for much longer.

16. Fresh breath

If you left home and forgot to brush your teeth or you ran out of toothpaste, chewing an apple can help with bad breath.

17. Citrus candles

Do you want your house to smell good for hours? Make an orange or a lemon candle, and its light and aroma will last a long time.

18. Open a stuck lid

You’ve probably heard numerous ways to open a stubborn jar lid. One of the most well-known and effective methods is to remove the lid using duct tape. But here’s what you can do if you don’t have duct tape on hand. Try running hot water over the lid for a minute or two, wipe down, and then open. You can also soak the lid in hot water to get a similar effect.

19. Wooden spoon trick

This old trick never fails. To keep your pot from boiling over, put a wooden spoon over the top of it. If it starts to boil up too high, the spoon will pop the bubbles and keep it from overflowing quickly.

20. Open a SIM card tray when an ejector tool isn’t around

Insert the small paperclip you bent earlier into the small pin hole opening in the SIM tray.

10 Quarantine Crafts and D.I.Y.’s To Try If You’re Bored At Home

Stress and anxiety don’t have to be the only things you feel while social distancing. If quarantine boredom is starting to set in, try some of these easy do-it-yourself projects. You may already have these supplies lying around your home.

1. Pressed Flower Art

Even though it feels like time itself has stopped, spring is arriving and flowers are blooming all over Columbia. Keep a little piece of spring year-round with your own pressed flowers on display.

2. Natural Easter Egg Coloring

If you’re planning to celebrate Easter this Sunday, some traditions may look different, but that doesn’t mean they have to go away. To avoid a non-essential trip to the store for egg-coloring kits, try these simple ways to naturally dye your boiled eggs with everyday food items. You may even like these colors more for your annual backyard (or even indoor) egg hunt.

3. Newspaper Seed Starter

Have an extra copy of the Missourian or another newspaper lying around? Instead of throwing it in the recycling, repurpose it into a biodegradable seed starter that can be planted directly in your garden. There’s no better time to start a small herb garden or to teach the younger ones in your home about plants.

4. Water Marble Mugs

All you need to create these effortless, one-of-a-kind designs is nail polish, water and best of all … less than two minutes of your time. If you don’t want to try it with mugs you can use vases, candles, plates and more. Maybe a new soap dish? (Keep washing your hands!)

5. Sanitary Face Masks

If you’re looking for a more practical craft, try making your own face mask with fabric you have at home to wear when you need to be out and about. This article offers three different tutorials, including a no-sew option.

6. Rainbow Cupcakes

These colorful treats are both beautiful and delicious, especially if you’re celebrating a birthday in quarantine. They’re so easy to make, even if you never set foot in a kitchen before isolation. Pro tip: for tie-dye cupcakes, use a toothpick to swirl the colors.

7. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

Washing your hands is is crucial to avoid spreading germs. With this easy-to-follow D.I.Y., you can upgrade your sink setup by making your soap dispenser something you enjoy using everyday. The mason jars bring a rustic and homey feel to any bathroom.

8. Dip Dye T-Shirts

Going shopping for new clothes may be out of the question right now, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same look. Transform any of your shirts with this simple and sophisticated take on tie-dye. Not to mention it’s a fun way to craft outside and enjoy spring weather as it gets warmer.

9. Marble Clay Coasters

While you’re camped out on the couch, why not update something always close by? These swirled coasters are completely customizable and can be baked right in your oven. Use green and blue to make a globe-themed set just in time for Earth Day later this month.

10. Recycled Sweater Pet Bed

If there’s something good to come of being stuck at home, it’s extra time with pets. If you’re thinking about getting rid of an old sweater this spring, consider giving it a new life as a soft and cozy pet bed for a four-legged friend.

8 Kitchen Life Hacks That Make Things Simpler

Rule number one in the kitchen: Don’t over-complicate things. These 8 life hacks make things easier!

1. Is your butter too hard when you take it out of the fridge? Pour some hot water into a microwave safe glass and let it sit for a minute. Throw the water out and put the butter under the glass. It’ll be soft in no time!

2. Cook fresh fish on a bed of lemon slices. This not only prevents it from sticking to the pan, it also adds to the flavor!

3. Use a pin or an egg piercer to make a small hole in the shell at the larger flat end of an egg before you boil it. The egg won’t burst and it’s easier to peel!

4. There’s a simple trick to see if eggs are still safe for consumption: Just put a raw egg into a bowl with cold water!

  • Does the egg drop to the bottom of the bowl and remains there? It’s still fresh as can be!
  • If the top of the egg points upwards, the egg is between 2-3 weeks old. It’s still completely safe for consumption!
  • Does the egg float? It’s time to throw it away. Do not consume.

Eggs will stay fresh up to 15 days in a refrigerator.

5. Stop bananas from ripening too soon and turning brown! Remove them from the bunch. Create a vacuum seal at the stem of each individual banana by using cling film plastic wrap. .

Never keep bananas in the refrigerator. The low temperatures stop them from maturing properly.

6. Keep an apple between your potatoes to keep them from sprouting! Still got sprouts? You can eat the potatoes, but cut out the sprout and the area around it well: They contain solanine, a poison found in nightshades.

7. Thaw frozen food in your refrigerator! This will not only keep the quality of your food as high as possible, it’s also saves energy! The cold temperature of the product ensures the refrigerator has to work less.

8. Want to put berries in the freezer? That’s easy! Make sure your freezer is set as cold as possible. The fruit will freeze faster, enclosing flavor and vitamins!

Put the berries on a tray so that they don’t touch each other. This ensures that the berries don’t freeze onto each other. After a few hours they will have frozen and you can transfer them to a Ziploc bag. You can keep them for months!

Of course you can manually set your freezer to a lower temperature – but if the freezer compartment of your refrigerator comes with super frost, activate this function shortly before you start putting your berries on a tray. It will quickly and temporarily bring the temperature in your freezer down to -26°F (-32°C). Don’t worry about having to adjust the temperature again! It automatically deactivates after a few hours.

Low-Cost Living: Reasons Why You Should DIY More Instead of Buying

Let’s face it — modern life is full of complications. From work to personal affairs, it’s hard to find time to do the things around your home on your own. But that’s normal. Most of us use various services to get things done, no matter if it’s food delivery or home repairs.


However, these things cost actual money. And for someone who’s on a tight budget, it might be a better option to start taking a DIY approach more often. In the following text, we’ll list some DIY tips and overall benefits that will convince you to try doing and making more things on your own. Let’s check them out, shall we?

You Save More Cash

As we’ve said, services cost money. And depending on how good they are, they might take a massive portion of your savings. But that’s to be expected. After all, people doing work for you need to make a living too. Nevertheless, if you start to practice a DIY approach in your life, you might find quite a few more greens in your pocket by the end of the month.

Sure, knowing a few DIY hacks doesn’t mean you won’t spend any money, but it will cut out the middleman and save you some cash. Just think how much money you waste on food delivery. Although we won’t do the math for you, you can bet that on an annual basis, you spend more than one hefty wage just for the service of someone bringing you food to your doorsteps.

You Develop Creativity Along the Way

By doing things on your own, you don’t only get to cut down on the service costs. You also begin to develop creativity along the way. If you stop to think about it, the DIY approach allows people to express themselves in ways that are unique and original.


For example, the way you see how something should be painted doesn’t mean that it will match someone else’s idea. Therefore, if you begin the process by yourself, you’ll get more satisfying results that match your tastes. In other words, the way we see ideas in our head doesn’t always match with other people’s views on aesthetics.


Of course, developing creativity is a process like anything else out there. So, don’t feel discouraged by initial results. Instead, allow yourself time, and by the end of your new project, you will amaze yourself with what you’ve come up with. That’s a guarantee.

You Can Customize Based on Your Needs

No matter if you’re looking to redecorate your living space, get food, or repair stuff around your home, doing it yourself allows you to customize the end product to your needs. Similar to what we’ve talked about when mentioning creativity, the DIY approach serves to please only yourself. And this doesn’t have to do anything with being selfish. No worries.


The reality is that all of us are different in certain aspects. What might suit one doesn’t mean that it will do the same for the other. Be it the number of certain ingredients in food, the way your porch looks, or the way your doors open, we all have unique needs. And if you begin to approach life with a “do it yourself” mantra, you’ll make your life better.


Most products and services satisfy the needs of the largest group of people. This way, they put individualism aside, focusing only on what the masses require. This thinking caters to a business model, but it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Therefore, in our eyes, opting for the DIY approach can help to get the most from life. And all that at a lower price.

You Develop Skills and Practicality

Aside from saving money, developing creativity, and customizing the end product to your needs, DIY projects help with skills and being practical. Hence, this is why some of us refer to them as life hacks. Being handy around your home is a great virtue, no matter if you’re single, dating, or married with kids. Everyone will look up to you, knowing you can fix both a lightbulb or redecorate the yard on your own.

Either way, for home improvement projects, being practical is a rule. Understanding how certain things work simply isn’t enough. What makes a great handy person is their idea of how to make things simpler with less money. And no, looking to spend less isn’t bad in this story. It’s a way to balance out your books and still get a functional product by the time you’re done with your DIY project.

You Keep Yourself Away From Stress

It’s no secret that some psychiatrists propose the DIY approach to people who are struggling with stress. Although it might seem confusing at first, doing things on your own is a great way to pave the way to an easier life. But how so? Well, certain home projects don’t have a deadline, so people can take their time and preoccupy themselves while doing it. All this while taking a break from thinking about stressful themes and subjects.


From clipping pet hair, deconstructing and repairing an old washing machine, to making outdoor furniture, any DIY project can be a way of escaping stress. Stop and think about how people in rehabilitation centers often work in groups and create certain jewelry and ornaments. They don’t do it as some forced labor. They do it to keep themselves away from negative thoughts, as well as to develop skills, creativity, and finally — happiness.

3 Reasons to Be Addicted To Onesies

Onesies pajamas today are very popular among young people and teenagers, there are various models on sale, and you can choose a product for every taste. Onesies pajamas appeared in Japan, it is a comfortable sleepwear and at the same time a costume that depicts an anime hero or a funny animal. Pajamas are made in the form of onesies, has a hood, which is made in the form of a funny little face of some little animals or a cartoon character. There are Onesies pandas, Pokémon, raccoon, hare and other characters. Onesies is used not only as pajamas, but also as a carnival costume.

Advantages of Onesies

The main advantages of Onesies pajamas can be considered:

  • Convenience
  • Universality
  • Bright design.

This onesies is suitable for sports, cycling, and roller skates. Onesies are popular at youth parties, children’s parties.

Manufacturing material

For the manufacture of adult onesies, as a rule, quality materials are used. Summer models are made of cotton, winter onesies are made of fleece, velor. Manufacturers add a certain percentage of synthetics to the fabric to make the product more durable and not deformed after washing.

For the cold season, tight pajamas, which will be warm and cozy, are more suitable; a model made of thin fabric is perfect for a hot summer. Very cozy and pleasant fleece pajamas, the product made from this fabric will serve not one year and even after numerous washings it retains the original color and shape. Onesies are long and short, the length of the sleeves may be different.

Special features

From other pajamas Onesies differs by such features:

  • Hood
  • Fun design

Another feature of Onesies that distinguishes this type of pajamas from others is the use, both for sleeping and for going out to the street, a party. For dress up game and parties some Onesies embedded with chips for special features such as sounds and lights related to the design.

Onesies for children

Onesies for children has a bright design, high quality. In such pajamas it is very comfortable to sleep, even if the child is sleeping restlessly, tossing and turning, throwing off the blanket, he will not freeze in Onesies.


Buying Onesies pajamas it is important not to be mistaken with the size. Pajamas should be comfortable, do not crush, do not hinder movement. It is also important to choose a product from a quality material. The material must have such qualities as hypoallergenicity, wear resistance, comfort. Do not forget to check the quality of the seams, fastening decorative elements.

Onesies pajamas are a popular trend that has appeared in the Chinese fashion relatively recently, but has already become widespread throughout the world. This piece of clothing is a hooded onesies. The latter shows an unusual face of an animal like a fox, squirrel, unicorn, tiger, zebra, dinosaur, cat, panda, donkey or famous cartoon character – Superman, Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, Pikachu, Hello Kitty and others.

The advantages of such pajamas are obvious.

They consist in the following points:

  1. Original design.
  2. Comfort and convenience during sleep.
  3. Ensuring the maximum level of heat savings.
  4. High quality materials that retain the original quality for a long period.

Models pajamas on the market are in a huge range. There are options with long and short leg. This sleepwear is designed for the cold season. It is especially relevant for poorly heated homes. Products are made from high-quality, durable, warm and pleasant to the body fleece. The latter does not let in the cold, tolerates numerous washings well, and does not hesitate, does not fade or set.

Onesies pajamas are produced for children of different ages as well as for adults. Many families have a tradition of wearing similar costumes by all relatives. You can use them not only for sleep. Often soft and cozy onesies are used as home wear. Creative people boldly put on Onesies at costumed parties. Fans of skiing wear these items of clothing over ski onesies.

This allows you to get a funny and bright image, uplifting others. In some countries (Japan, USA, Canada) Onesies festivals are held. At these events come a huge number of people who prefer to wear unusual onesies. The organizers even hold competitions for the best costumes. In America, there is a tradition of exchanging clothes with little muzzles with hoods. The highlight of the latter is large eyes, giving the animals a naive and cheerful look. In the CIS countries, Onesies pajamas are popular as gifts to relatives and close people. Such a gift gives a lot of positive emotions to both the recipient and the donor. The cost of the product is relatively low.

Such clothing was originally created in Japan, and its name means “growth doll.” And the truth is, a person in a costume of an animated or funny cartoon character looks like a big revived doll. After all, he has not just a onesies, but a complete set, since interesting slippers are produced for such outfits, and the hood depicts a muzzle of a real or fictional animal.

Initially, such a fun kit was not designed for everyday life. It was used during different performances. The costume was worn by artists, animators, or anime fans. However, comfortable pajamas, thanks to their comfort and convenience, quickly won the hearts of the people. And many wanted to buy it at https://kigurumi.co where it’s usually on sale.

Now, not only on the streets of Japan, you can meet young people in Onesies, European fashion lovers of such costumes are not far behind them. They walk the streets, causing smiles to passersby. Fell in love with these warm clothes and lovers of ski holidays. Put them on top on warm onesies. In addition to providing additional protection, they also turn descents into a fairy tale where you can take pictures with an unusual character.

The features of the pajamas

The main features of the onesies are the material from which it is made, and an unusual cut. Short panties and free top allow their owner to move freely, looking like a funny character. From materials for tailoring, fleece and velsoft are popular, along with other soft materials that absorb moisture well. But do not moisten the Onesies specifically, as it will dry for a long time.

These soft, comfortable clothes can be used as pajamas, as it will not cause discomfort. The free cut allows you to sleep peacefully, clothes will not hamper movement. In the warmth and comfort you can sleep well and be ready for a new day and new challenges.

In the cold season, Onesies is used as home clothing. You can order a onesies with the image of your favorite character and please your loved ones, creating a great mood. If a pajama party is to be held, then there is simply no better attire.

Crazy Cape Cod Bracelet Facts That Will Drive You Nuts

The bracelet is a jewel coveted by many women and men. In our jewelry our character, habits, tastes are reflected on our wrist, so much can tell the Cape Cod bracelet about its owner or owner. What are Cape Cod Bracelets? How to choose a bracelet? Read about these in this article.

The bracelets are interesting because they are constantly visible. Any movement or gesture of the hands is accompanied by the movement of the bracelet, the play of rays in its reflection. This decoration constantly attracts the attention and views of others and it is very important that you like the bracelet, please those around you, fit your style.

Gold or silver

There are no special recommendations. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes. Someone only likes gold bracelets, someone, on the contrary, silver bracelets. It is possible to pick up a bracelet both under clothes, and under the available jewelry. If silver rings predominate on your hands, then a silver bracelet will perfectly match. By the way, a very good option would be a red gold bracelet. These bracelets look good and there is plenty to choose from. The main thing is do not make a mistake with the length of the bracelet.

How to choose the length of the bracelet?

It is best for girls to pick up a bracelet that will not closely adhere to the wrist, otherwise it will be inconvenient to fasten it and it will compress the wrist a little. In addition, the bracelet should not be too wide; otherwise it will fly off the arm. The length of the bracelets is measured in centimeters and depends entirely on your wrist. A suitable formula for determining the length is the girth of your wrist in centimeters plus one centimeter to the length of the bracelet.

But the length of the men’s bracelet depends no longer on the formulas, but on the wishes of the man, his preferences. The bracelet can fit snugly to your hand, like a watch, or be a little loose. It is best to choose a bracelet not in absentia, but with fitting.


The appearance of the bracelet depends on its thickness and wrist girth, on which you will wear the bracelet. If the hand is thin, then a wide bracelet will look inconspicuous. The best option in this case is narrow models of bracelets. If the hand is full, then a thin bracelet will be almost invisible. And you should choose a wider bracelet.

What else to pay attention to?

Choosing a bracelet, look at the clasp. It should not only firmly fix the bracelet, but also be easily fastened and unbuttoned on your arm without any help from you. In this case, the clasp bracelet must be strong, not allowing it to unbutton itself.

Where to buy beautiful bracelets?

You can buy bright, stylish and beautiful bracelets in the online store like braceletworld.co. They have a very large selection of gold and silver bracelets at affordable prices. They can deliver by courier your purchases throughout USA.

A few years ago, fitness bracelets, or, as they are called activity trackers, were a wonder, and it was not so common to meet them. To date, their choice is so large that you can easily get confused in a huge variety of models, characteristics and functions. The fact that a fitness bracelet, what it is and that is able to do, we have already mentioned in this article, so we will not repeat. In this article we will try to figure out how to choose a fitness bracelet and what to look for when buying such a gadget in the first place. Fitness bracelet price probably the first thing that almost all buyers pay attention to is the price of the gadget. And this is correct, since fitness-spacers, despite the similar characteristics and design, can differ significantly in price. Moreover, the difference in cost can reach several hundred dollars, or even more.

The cost of the bracelet is influenced by many factors, ranging from the promotion and popularity of the manufacturer, build quality and the number of functions, and ending with the bundle and materials of manufacture. The most accurate and high-quality fitness bracelets are devices from well known companies. They are much more expensive than gadgets. In general, for a start it is worth deciding what amount you are willing to part with. The principle is more expensive. It means it doesn’t work better here. It works more precisely, but not always. Here it is worth building on the price-performance-quality ratio. What is a fitness bracelet for? Most modern fitness trackers track the number of steps, distance and calories. Also, almost all models even include the cheapest Chinese trackers, are now equipped with an optical pulse sensor. More advanced models may have built-in GPS and NFC modules, memory for storing music and other functions that are not available in inexpensive fitness bracelets.

For example, practically any fitness bracelet from any brand will be suitable for counting steps or running. If you want to get the most accurate data on the state of sleep, fitness bracelets will be among the best. In addition to standard functions, some trackers may have more individual functions.

Also, pressure can measure a lot of inexpensive gadgets from lesser-known Chinese brands, although 100% cannot trust their data. It can determine the level of oxygen in the blood VO2max. If desired, you can find a fitness tracker with temperature measurement, ultraviolet level and other specific data. That is, you need to determine the minimum number of functions that you need. The more functions the tracker can perform, the more expensive it will cost. Design and appearance the design of a fitness bracelet is a subjective assessment, but very important. If the first activity trackers did not have the most attractive appearance, then all modern devices except tracking functions often play the role of an element of clothing and style. There are round, square and rectangular fitness bracelets with a sporty, classic or futuristic design, with or without a screen, with a silicone, leather or metal strap. In general, you can choose a model for almost every taste.

Best Matryoshka Nesting Dolls You Want To Consider Buying

When and where did the nested doll first appear, who thought it up? Why a wooden folding toy doll is called a matryoshka nesting doll? What does this unique piece of folk art symbolize?

To begin, let me remind you the main versions-myths, regularly copied for carbon paper and wander through the pages of various publications.

Frequently repeated well-known version: A matryoshka nesting dolls appeared in Russia at the end of the 19th century, it was invented by its artist Malyutin, turned by turner Zvezdochkin in the Mamontov’s Child education workshop, and the prototype of the Russian matryoshka nesting dolls served as a figure of one of the seven Japanese gods of luck the god of learning and wisdom Fukuruma. He is Fukurokuju, he is Fukurokuju (in different sources there is a different transcription of the name).

  • The prototype of the Russian matryoshka nesting doll (also has Indian roots) is a Japanese wooden doll. For the sample they took a Japanese toy daruma, a doll. According to its origins, it represents the image of the ancient Indian sage Daruma in the V century, moved to China. His teaching in the middle Ages was widely spread in Japan. We already know these dolls are made of wood but if these dolls made of plastic it could be cheaper and affordable.
  • Daruma called for the comprehension of truth through silent contemplation, and in one of the legends he is a cave recluse, plump with immobility. According to another legend, his legs were deprived of his immobility (hence the legless sculpted images of Daruma).
  • Nevertheless, the matryoshka nesting dolls immediately gained unprecedented recognition as a symbol of Russian folk art.

Matryoshka nesting dolls – it’s warm and cozy in the house

It is difficult to disagree with the latter – the more places in the matryoshka nesting dolls, i.e. the more internal figures, one is smaller than the other, the more you can put there little notes with desires and wait for them to be performed)) This is a kind of game, and the matryoshka nesting dolls here acts as a very charming, sweet, homemade character, a real work of art.

We know that, in the traditions of our Ancestors, various jewelry (female and male), household items, as well as toys carved from wood or made from clay, played the role of not just objects that brighten life – but were also carriers of certain symbolism, which something meaningful. And the very concept of symbolism is closely intertwined with mythology.

Also surprising, it seems, is the coincidence of the name of Matron, who migrated (according to the generally accepted version) from Latin to Russian, with the ancient Indian images.

In the Mythological Dictionary, the following is written:

Other Mother, emphasis is placed on the first syllable in Hindu mythology, divine mothers, personifying the creative and destructive forces of nature. The idea of ??active femininity began to be widely recognized in Hinduism in connection with the spread of the Shakti cult. Matri were considered as female personifications of the creative energy of the great gods.

The classic Russian matryoshka nesting doll consists of five or seven dolls, the smallest of which is a child. A Russian souvenir matryoshka nesting doll is made of oak or alder, covered with lime mortar to prevent desiccation and varnish. They paint matryoshka nesting dolls with gouache or do not paint them at all, but they burn the drawing, so skillfully that at first glance you don’t understand that there is no paint on the doll.

The peak of the popularity of matryoshka nesting dolls fell on the beginning of the 60s of the twentieth century, when foreigners began to come to the Soviet Union to participate in festivals and studies. They all tried to buy Russian matryoshka nesting dolls in memory of Russia. Now, you don’t have to go to Russia to buy these festive dolls, you can now buy them at online stores such as https://nestingdolls.co.

Why precisely dolls, and not, say, scarves or jewelry boxes?

Most likely, the reason for the popularity of the souvenir matryoshka nesting dolls was that it was the personification of Russia itself with its wide soul, colorful clothes and large families. Matryoshka nesting dolls symbolizes the continuation of life. A woman gives birth to a daughter, who in turn will give life to the world, and so on. Matryoshka nesting dolls a symbol of fertility, wealth, motherhood. That is why she enjoys such popular love.

The outfit of a Russian matryoshka nesting doll can be very diverse, but, as a rule, there is a painted scarf or kokoshnik and floral ornament. In the hands of the doll can be a basket of mushrooms, a bucket of water, a sickle. You can meet a matryoshka nesting dolls bride, and even a matryoshka nesting dolls groom, a matryoshka nesting dolls girl for marriage and a matryoshka nesting dolls doll a mature woman. Sometimes the artist puts on the nested doll in a winter outfit a fur coat, a warm scarf, and even felt boots. Russian matryoshka nesting dolls are very diverse in shape and painting, depending on their place of origin.

Today, the Matryoshka nesting dolls brand is actively used throughout the world. Designers from different countries offer various stylistic solutions, as well as the most unexpected options for the Russian matryoshka nesting doll.

If these historic dolls interest you, there is also a creepy tourist attraction in Mexico the infamous Island of Dolls. Located in the Xochimilco canals, approximately 28 kilometers south of Mexico City, the island is entirely full of dolls – thousands of them – hanging from trees and wires.

5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn to Sew

A few weeks back I taught an appliqué class at a local sewing store which is 30 miles from my house. While I was driving {a term I use loosely because of the awful Austin traffic} I was pondering this idea: Everyone Should Learn to Sew. Cosmo stated that to get a life, one must learn how to sew when you choose to become fashion designer.

1. Home Decor

Around the home, sewing can be a real door opener. With an inexpensive sewing machine from Walmart or Joann’s you can take a builder’s grade home and turn it into something magazine worthy. And it doesn’t take a lot of skill or time either. If you can cut fabric and sew a straight line then you can make throw pillows and curtains for every room in your house.

With a little practice you can make a fabric-covered headboard, recover dining room chairs, slipcover an occasional chair, or make some custom kitchen towels. The sky’s the limit here, too. Walk down the aisle of any fabric store and you will be amazed at the choices. If you love the cottage style, there’s a fabric for that. Is modern more your thing ~ well, there’s fabric for that. And there are tons of tutorials on the web to take you from total novice to complete expert.

Holiday decorating becomes a snap with limited sewing skills. If you can sew a straight line you can whip up a seasonal table runner and some kitchen towels. In no time at all you’ve got a new look.

Sewing skills can make your house a home by allowing your own personality to shine through ~ not to mention the money you will save.

2. Kids

Sewing for kids could be an entire blog post ~ I will try to break it into smaller bits here. First, there is the obvious: sewing kids clothes. There really isn’t much to making a simple gathered skirt for a little girl or a cute t-shirt for a boy. Both of these don’t require a lot of skill and your little one will really love them. Plus, they will be unique to your child and his/her interests {such as ninja’s around here}. Minimal sewing skills can allow you embellish ready-made garments making them personal and unique.

There are so many kid-themed fabrics it can almost be overwhelming. If your child loves trains or Disney there are fabrics you can choose from to satisfy their fascination. Sew something simple like a pillowcase and you can rock their little world.

Simple bags for little girls, hair bows, embellished t-shirts, repurposed dress-up clothes, matching Dolly & Me dresses ~ an unending list.

Fabric nunchucks for little {ninja-obsessed} boys, a play tent, super hero capes, pull on pants with really deep pockets {for all that hunting and gathering}, and soft things for throwing {if you’re around boys, you’ll get this one} ~ again, an unending list.

Of course, babies are the most fun to sew for. Think bedding, blankets, and burp cloths to name a few. If you’re a young mom with kids you are going to need baby gifts for your friends. Learn to sew in a straight line and you will always have affordable gifts to share with new moms.

3. It’s Green

If you’re concerned about the environment then sewing should definitely be your thing. Sewing allows you to repurpose almost anything made from fabric. Thrift stores and yard sales will net you the best selection of fabrics waiting to be transformed.

Upcycled thrift store curtains become throw pillows for a bed. A used duvet becomes a new shower curtain. A men’s dress shirt becomes a little girl’s dress. Add a piece of fabric to some repurposed curtains to personalize them for your home. Turn an old sweater into a beautiful throw pillow.

With minimal sewing skills anything can be cut apart and turned into something unique. #unlimitedresources

4. $ave $ome Ca$h

It’s no secret that sewing can save you money. Knowing how to sew allows you to make simple repairs to garments. Hem your own jeans, sew on a missing button, repair an open seam. All of these will extend a garment’s life and save you a little money.

I cannot tell you how many baby gifts I’ve made using leftover fabric scraps and a little imagination. Think about your holiday shopping list and imagine all of the gifts you can make. Aprons, bags, pillowcases, and quilts make beautiful handmade gifts that everyone will love.

5. Sense of Accomplishment

The best reason for learning to sew is the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something handmade. Seeing your own hand-sewn creations ~ well if you’ve ever felt it you know what I’m talking about. Conquering sewing jeans gave me this sense of accomplishment. I now have the confidence to make my own custom-fit jeans anytime I want.

A piece of fabric, an hour or two of your time, and you can transform almost any room in your house. Then, for months afterwards, you can admire your handy work. That’s the real value of learning to sew.

Sewing gives you power over a limited decorating budget. It opens creativity when you sew a simple garment. Over time, sewing can save you money by providing a means for making gifts. And, it insures unlimited possibilities for repurposing almost anything made from fabric.

How to choose a women’s gold bracelet?

The gold bracelet on the hand often becomes a favorite jewelry for beautiful ladies, as it emphasizes their tenderness, fragility and grace. In addition, this elegant accessory demonstrates to others the success, wealth and good taste of its owner, so it is very popular among fashionistas and beautiful women.

A women’s bracelet on a hand is a very expensive thing, therefore its choice should be approached with all responsibility. Unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers give poor-quality materials and various mixtures for the precious metal, so you can pay a large amount for a low-grade counterfeit. To avoid this, it is recommended to buy such items only in proven places where professional jewelers work. In addition, when purchasing any such jewelry, you may request a certificate.

Even real stylish and beautiful gold bracelets for women can look unattractively on a beautiful lady and do not fit well with other components of her image. So that the accessory is always pleasing to the eye, before purchasing it is useful to familiarize yourself with the following recommendations of fashion stylists:

Gold bracelet on hand is not worn with the watch;

The ideal length of this thing exceeds the circumference of the wrist by 1-1.5 cm. Such a decoration will lie freely without causing discomfort and will not fly off during movement. It should be borne in mind that the gold bracelet on the right hand and the exact same model on the left may differ slightly in length;

For fashionistas, who very often shed and gain extra pounds, the gold bracelet on the arm, the length of which is adjustable, is best suited;

Thin wrist bracelets for women will look good only on the owner of a miniature wrist. On a wide and full body, such decorations may be lost;

Gemstone inlaid is not always appropriate. Very good, if the same decor is on the necklace or earrings;

Women’s large gold bracelets on the arm, which look too massive, are best suited for wrists of medium width.

On which hand are women wearing a gold bracelet?

Often, the fair sex thinks about the hand on which women’s bracelets are worn, and what fashionable rules this regulates. In fact, the stylists do not give any strict instructions on this matter, and every girl has the right to wear her favorite accessory as she is comfortable. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of beautiful women prefer to wear a gold bracelet on their right hand, and this choice is explained by the following motives:

If a girl is used to wearing a wrist watch and is right-handed, it will be more convenient for her to look at the dial on the left side. Since these two objects are not combined with each other, only the right hand is left for the wrist decoration;

The right side of the body is often in the field of view of others, so a beautiful accessory on it will be more noticeable;

In the right palm women of fashion hold a clutch, an umbrella, a handbag strap and other items. With all these things, a gold bracelet on hand is able to make a harmonious ensemble.

Women’s gold bracelets

Hand bracelets for women are made of gold by various methods. Some of them have many identical links, while others – are modified along the entire length. However, most models are delicate, elegant and sophisticated, but among them there are extravagant, bold and a bit rough options. A wide variety of such jewelry allows each woman of fashion to choose the product that she likes and will suit her more than others.

Hard Women’s Gold Bracelet

Beautiful women’s rigid bracelets made of gold are a closed or incomplete ring, or they are made from two parts interconnected by a hinge and having a snap lock. They should not be too close to the skin, on the contrary, between the surface of the dermis and the metal can be up to 2-3 cm. These accessories can be thin or wide. Very popular items decorated with monograms or various curls.

Women’s gold bracelets with stones

Jewels with precious stones, especially diamonds, are not suitable for everyday wear. They are appropriate for special occasions and evening events, so they are purchased as a gift or for a special occasion. Meanwhile, every day you can buy a gold female bracelet with cubic zirconias, which looks luxurious and can decorate the image of any beautiful lady. These small pebbles seductively shimmer in the rays of sunlight or daylight, so they are very popular among the fair sex.

Women’s wide gold bracelets

Massive and wide gold bracelets for women are suitable only for owners of large wrists. This does not mean that only women of the fair size plus-size can wear such jewelry – slender girls who have a wide bone in this area can also decorate their image with this product. When creating a fashionable look, it should be borne in mind that this type of accessory is not compatible with others.

Female cast gold bracelet

Molded jewelry is best suited for everyday wear. Such gold bracelets for women can have a wide variety of variations. They can be thin and wide, long and short, smooth and openwork. In addition, these accessories are often made from a combination of several materials, for example, yellow and red gold.

Women’s bracelet in white gold

White gold bracelets for women are less popular than similar products made of yellow and red metal. Meanwhile, they look incredibly elegant and elegant and fit almost all outfits. According to fashion stylists, such accessories are appropriate at any gala event and, moreover, are not able to spoil the daily outfit.

Fashionable wrist bracelets for women

On jewelry, as well as on shoes and wardrobe items, current fashion trends apply. At the same time, among such jewelry there are main trends, with the help of which each girl will look stylish and attractive. Fashionable women’s gold bracelets remain popular for many years and every year attract more and more fans.

How to Make the Best Baby Bibs from Old Jeans and Tee Shirts

Make a durable, spill-resistant homemade bib from the pant leg of an old pair of jeans. They’re durable and spill-resistant and great for a baby, toddler or preschooler. These are the only bibs I use in my home daycare!

In addition to our awesome repurposed denim craft aprons, these homemade bibs are one of my favourite ways to use old jeans.

Making baby bibs from old jeans and tee shirts is fun and easy, and the quality is such that these are thee only bibs that I use in my daycare anymore.

Just look at them! The bibs in the photo below are almost 10 years old! They’ve been used daily by dozens of kids over the years, and there’s not a stain on them. It’s not like they’ve been scrubbed or bleached either. I only ever wash them with my homemade laundry detergent. These bibs just get better and better with age.

They’re more durable and stain-resistant than any store-bought bib I’ve ever had, and they’re as comfortable as… well… a favourite old tee and a pair of jeans.

If you don’t have an old tee shirt to use for the back of the bib, a flannel shirt or the pant leg from pair of worn out pyjamas will do. Anything goes, really. You just want the back to be made of something soft and supple so the bib won’t be too stiff.

Easy to make!
These bibs are super-duper-simple to make too, so they’re a great beginner sewing project.

If you can sew a straight line, you’ve got the skillz, baby.

Great gift for baby!
These bibs also make great baby shower gifts! For my daycare, I keep things plain and simple. To give as a gift, I jazz the bibs up by using darker denim and adding strip across the front.

Whether you have one or two children, or a whole houseful of them, you’re going to love these bibs for so many reasons!

Why I love our repurposed denim bibs:

  • easy to make
  • give a new life to an old pair of jeans
  • stain-resistant
  • durable
  • can be custom-sized to fit any age
  • easy to clean
  • comfortable
  • reversible
  • makes a great homemade baby gift
  • Durable and stain-resistant

Think about how durable denim is. It’s the work-horse of the fabric industry. And it’s actually very stain-resistant too.

Spaghetti sauce, ketchup, blueberries, raspberries… Believe me… these bibs have seen their share of spills over the years. All stains and spills wash right out, and I do not pre-soak or scrub. If the mess is really bad – like spaghetti, I’ll just run the bibs under the taps right after lunch, and then they get tossed in the hamper.

To make your denim bibs you’ll need:

  • a pair of old jeans (one pant leg per bib)
  • fabric for reverse (old tee shirt/flannel shirt/flannel pj pant leg)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • velcro
  • store-bought bib to make template from
  • Make a simple template or pattern:
  • To make a template, use a bib that you already own and love (the bigger the better, in my opinion).

Trace that bib on a piece of newspaper (or waxed paper, wrapping paper etc), adding 1/4 inch seam allowance, and cut it out. Voila… instant pattern.

Making your bib:

  • Cut off the bottom-half of a pant leg (from the knee down)
  • Cut open the pant leg along the thickest inseam
  • Cut your tee-shirt open as well (or your pjs or flannel shirt – whatever you’re using for the back of the bib)
  • Lay your tee shirt over your denim (right sides together).
  • Place your pattern on top, and pin in place.
  • Cut around your pattern.
  • Remove your paper pattern, but leave your bib pieces pinned together.

*Don’t worry if your denim piece has a seam running across it. That’s ok. Look at my finished pics. My every day bibs have a seam running across the front. It’s all part of the re-purposed look.

  • Sew your front and back pieces together, leaving a 1.5 inch hole along one side of the bib for turning right-side-out.
  • Turn your bib right side out and iron it flat.
  • Pin the hole shut, and stitch it closed.
  • Top stitch all around the edge of the bib so that over time, the front and back layers don’t shift.
  • Last step: sew a couple of squares of velcro to the ends of the bib for fastening, and you’re done.


How to dress your bib up with a strip of fabric if you’re giving it as a gift:

If you’d like to fancy up your bibs a bit to give them as a gift, simply top stitch a piece of cotton or flannel across the good side of the denim piece before you sew the front and back together. You’ll want to fold the top and bottom edge under and iron in place before top-stitching it on so your strip has finished edges.

Do you love it?  Do you?  Do you?  Isn’t it awesome?  Wasn’t it easy?

Aren’t they just the best?  They’re so cute.  They’re totally easy to clean.  I love that denim is somewhat water resistant, so these bibs don’t get all soppy if there are spills while eating.

These babies can take a TON Of wear and tear too.

Like I said, I’ve had mine for almost 10 years now.  They’re used almost every day, and they’ve gone through dozens of kids.  They’re still in great shape!