Crazy Cape Cod Bracelet Facts That Will Drive You Nuts

The bracelet is a jewel coveted by many women and men. In our jewelry our character, habits, tastes are reflected on our wrist, so much can tell the Cape Cod bracelet about its owner or owner. What are Cape Cod Bracelets? How to choose a bracelet? Read about these in this article.

The bracelets are interesting because they are constantly visible. Any movement or gesture of the hands is accompanied by the movement of the bracelet, the play of rays in its reflection. This decoration constantly attracts the attention and views of others and it is very important that you like the bracelet, please those around you, fit your style.

Gold or silver

There are no special recommendations. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes. Someone only likes gold bracelets, someone, on the contrary, silver bracelets. It is possible to pick up a bracelet both under clothes, and under the available jewelry. If silver rings predominate on your hands, then a silver bracelet will perfectly match. By the way, a very good option would be a red gold bracelet. These bracelets look good and there is plenty to choose from. The main thing is do not make a mistake with the length of the bracelet.

How to choose the length of the bracelet?

It is best for girls to pick up a bracelet that will not closely adhere to the wrist, otherwise it will be inconvenient to fasten it and it will compress the wrist a little. In addition, the bracelet should not be too wide; otherwise it will fly off the arm. The length of the bracelets is measured in centimeters and depends entirely on your wrist. A suitable formula for determining the length is the girth of your wrist in centimeters plus one centimeter to the length of the bracelet.

But the length of the men’s bracelet depends no longer on the formulas, but on the wishes of the man, his preferences. The bracelet can fit snugly to your hand, like a watch, or be a little loose. It is best to choose a bracelet not in absentia, but with fitting.


The appearance of the bracelet depends on its thickness and wrist girth, on which you will wear the bracelet. If the hand is thin, then a wide bracelet will look inconspicuous. The best option in this case is narrow models of bracelets. If the hand is full, then a thin bracelet will be almost invisible. And you should choose a wider bracelet.

What else to pay attention to?

Choosing a bracelet, look at the clasp. It should not only firmly fix the bracelet, but also be easily fastened and unbuttoned on your arm without any help from you. In this case, the clasp bracelet must be strong, not allowing it to unbutton itself.

Where to buy beautiful bracelets?

You can buy bright, stylish and beautiful bracelets in the online store like They have a very large selection of gold and silver bracelets at affordable prices. They can deliver by courier your purchases throughout USA.

A few years ago, fitness bracelets, or, as they are called activity trackers, were a wonder, and it was not so common to meet them. To date, their choice is so large that you can easily get confused in a huge variety of models, characteristics and functions. The fact that a fitness bracelet, what it is and that is able to do, we have already mentioned in this article, so we will not repeat. In this article we will try to figure out how to choose a fitness bracelet and what to look for when buying such a gadget in the first place. Fitness bracelet price probably the first thing that almost all buyers pay attention to is the price of the gadget. And this is correct, since fitness-spacers, despite the similar characteristics and design, can differ significantly in price. Moreover, the difference in cost can reach several hundred dollars, or even more.

The cost of the bracelet is influenced by many factors, ranging from the promotion and popularity of the manufacturer, build quality and the number of functions, and ending with the bundle and materials of manufacture. The most accurate and high-quality fitness bracelets are devices from well known companies. They are much more expensive than gadgets. In general, for a start it is worth deciding what amount you are willing to part with. The principle is more expensive. It means it doesn’t work better here. It works more precisely, but not always. Here it is worth building on the price-performance-quality ratio. What is a fitness bracelet for? Most modern fitness trackers track the number of steps, distance and calories. Also, almost all models even include the cheapest Chinese trackers, are now equipped with an optical pulse sensor. More advanced models may have built-in GPS and NFC modules, memory for storing music and other functions that are not available in inexpensive fitness bracelets.

For example, practically any fitness bracelet from any brand will be suitable for counting steps or running. If you want to get the most accurate data on the state of sleep, fitness bracelets will be among the best. In addition to standard functions, some trackers may have more individual functions.

Also, pressure can measure a lot of inexpensive gadgets from lesser-known Chinese brands, although 100% cannot trust their data. It can determine the level of oxygen in the blood VO2max. If desired, you can find a fitness tracker with temperature measurement, ultraviolet level and other specific data. That is, you need to determine the minimum number of functions that you need. The more functions the tracker can perform, the more expensive it will cost. Design and appearance the design of a fitness bracelet is a subjective assessment, but very important. If the first activity trackers did not have the most attractive appearance, then all modern devices except tracking functions often play the role of an element of clothing and style. There are round, square and rectangular fitness bracelets with a sporty, classic or futuristic design, with or without a screen, with a silicone, leather or metal strap. In general, you can choose a model for almost every taste.