How to choose a women’s gold bracelet?

The gold bracelet on the hand often becomes a favorite jewelry for beautiful ladies, as it emphasizes their tenderness, fragility and grace. In addition, this elegant accessory demonstrates to others the success, wealth and good taste of its owner, so it is very popular among fashionistas and beautiful women.

A women’s bracelet on a hand is a very expensive thing, therefore its choice should be approached with all responsibility. Unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers give poor-quality materials and various mixtures for the precious metal, so you can pay a large amount for a low-grade counterfeit. To avoid this, it is recommended to buy such items only in proven places where professional jewelers work. In addition, when purchasing any such jewelry, you may request a certificate.

Even real stylish and beautiful gold bracelets for women can look unattractively on a beautiful lady and do not fit well with other components of her image. So that the accessory is always pleasing to the eye, before purchasing it is useful to familiarize yourself with the following recommendations of fashion stylists:

Gold bracelet on hand is not worn with the watch;

The ideal length of this thing exceeds the circumference of the wrist by 1-1.5 cm. Such a decoration will lie freely without causing discomfort and will not fly off during movement. It should be borne in mind that the gold bracelet on the right hand and the exact same model on the left may differ slightly in length;

For fashionistas, who very often shed and gain extra pounds, the gold bracelet on the arm, the length of which is adjustable, is best suited;

Thin wrist bracelets for women will look good only on the owner of a miniature wrist. On a wide and full body, such decorations may be lost;

Gemstone inlaid is not always appropriate. Very good, if the same decor is on the necklace or earrings;

Women’s large gold bracelets on the arm, which look too massive, are best suited for wrists of medium width.

On which hand are women wearing a gold bracelet?

Often, the fair sex thinks about the hand on which women’s bracelets are worn, and what fashionable rules this regulates. In fact, the stylists do not give any strict instructions on this matter, and every girl has the right to wear her favorite accessory as she is comfortable. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of beautiful women prefer to wear a gold bracelet on their right hand, and this choice is explained by the following motives:

If a girl is used to wearing a wrist watch and is right-handed, it will be more convenient for her to look at the dial on the left side. Since these two objects are not combined with each other, only the right hand is left for the wrist decoration;

The right side of the body is often in the field of view of others, so a beautiful accessory on it will be more noticeable;

In the right palm women of fashion hold a clutch, an umbrella, a handbag strap and other items. With all these things, a gold bracelet on hand is able to make a harmonious ensemble.

Women’s gold bracelets

Hand bracelets for women are made of gold by various methods. Some of them have many identical links, while others – are modified along the entire length. However, most models are delicate, elegant and sophisticated, but among them there are extravagant, bold and a bit rough options. A wide variety of such jewelry allows each woman of fashion to choose the product that she likes and will suit her more than others.

Hard Women’s Gold Bracelet

Beautiful women’s rigid bracelets made of gold are a closed or incomplete ring, or they are made from two parts interconnected by a hinge and having a snap lock. They should not be too close to the skin, on the contrary, between the surface of the dermis and the metal can be up to 2-3 cm. These accessories can be thin or wide. Very popular items decorated with monograms or various curls.

Women’s gold bracelets with stones

Jewels with precious stones, especially diamonds, are not suitable for everyday wear. They are appropriate for special occasions and evening events, so they are purchased as a gift or for a special occasion. Meanwhile, every day you can buy a gold female bracelet with cubic zirconias, which looks luxurious and can decorate the image of any beautiful lady. These small pebbles seductively shimmer in the rays of sunlight or daylight, so they are very popular among the fair sex.

Women’s wide gold bracelets

Massive and wide gold bracelets for women are suitable only for owners of large wrists. This does not mean that only women of the fair size plus-size can wear such jewelry – slender girls who have a wide bone in this area can also decorate their image with this product. When creating a fashionable look, it should be borne in mind that this type of accessory is not compatible with others.

Female cast gold bracelet

Molded jewelry is best suited for everyday wear. Such gold bracelets for women can have a wide variety of variations. They can be thin and wide, long and short, smooth and openwork. In addition, these accessories are often made from a combination of several materials, for example, yellow and red gold.

Women’s bracelet in white gold

White gold bracelets for women are less popular than similar products made of yellow and red metal. Meanwhile, they look incredibly elegant and elegant and fit almost all outfits. According to fashion stylists, such accessories are appropriate at any gala event and, moreover, are not able to spoil the daily outfit.

Fashionable wrist bracelets for women

On jewelry, as well as on shoes and wardrobe items, current fashion trends apply. At the same time, among such jewelry there are main trends, with the help of which each girl will look stylish and attractive. Fashionable women’s gold bracelets remain popular for many years and every year attract more and more fans.